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PRABUDDHA GHOSH DASTIDAR, Applied Math and Computer Science @ Johns Hopkins

Major: CS, AMS

College/Employer: Johns Hopkins

Year of Graduation: 2026

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I'm Prabuddha, a current sophomore at Johns Hopkins. My academic interests have always oscillated between biology and mathematics. My time at Johns Hopkins has allowed these interests to converge to the field of computational biology and applied machine learning. Hence, I wish to pursue a PhD in computer science or mathematics with the motivation of applying computational methods to alleviate global health and safety problems. Through my time as a mathematics tutor and computer science course assistant, I also gained a passion for teaching and it is imperative to me that education is an active part of my career. Outside of the academic realm, I enjoy reading anthropology books, hiking the Appalachian, playing and watching soccer, and analyzing movies. I'm excited to teach for Splash and hope to provide you with some advice I wish I received when I was in high school.

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