How do I sign up?

Our website is split into Teaching, for JHU students, and Learning, for high school students. From their main pages, click the 'Register' tab on the left and follow the instructions.

Can parents attend the program?

No, parents cannot attend our program or sit in on classes. Parents will be dropping off their students and leaving them at our program for the day.

Does Splash cost money?

We believe in creating a fun and educational environment for all students, regardless of financial considerations. Splash at JHU will have no cost, with snacks and t-shirts provided for all students.

Can I suggest a class?

We're always looking for ways to improve our program. If you have any ideas for classes or other things you would like to see, please email us or fill out our post-program survey after attending the program.

Any other questions? Contact us at jhusplash@gmail.com!

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