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HYEONGMIN CHO, JHU Student studying Biology

Major: Molecular and Cellular Biology

College/Employer: Johns Hopkins

Year of Graduation: 2026

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Hi, I'm Eric, a Sophomore Studying Molecular and Cellular Biology. I love to play piano and video games, and I like to go to the gym. If you can guess all the countries I've been in, you'll get 10 points.

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X493: Financial Literacy in Splash Spring 2024 (Apr. 20, 2024)
Do you like money? Me too. Here's some smart ways to save money, passively make money, and plan your financial future.

X476: Intro to Money in Splash Fall 2023 (Dec. 02, 2023)
Hey there, yes you! Are you curious about how to set up your financial life after leaving home and going to college? Well, look no further! This quick 45 minute beginner course will give you all the basic knowledge required to set up a bank account, apply for credit card, open a stock account, save money, and so much more. If you're an expert in money, but still want to attend, then you're welcome to join you; maybe you can give some tips as well.

X402: School Life Hacks in Splash Fall 2022 (Nov. 06, 2022)
Don't know how to study? Wanna build up better habits? Trying to find new friends? Just want a more convenient school life? If you find yourself asking these things, then this course is perfect for YOU. Learn how to get by in school from your neighborhood introvert who somehow found his way into Johns Hopkins.