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JAMES KWON, Johns Hopkins Freshmen, Chemistry Major

Major: Chemistry

College/Employer: Johns Hopkins

Year of Graduation: 2026

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S418: "Lead to Gold!" Said The Chemist in Splash Fall 2022 (Nov. 06, 2022)
Chemistry has drastically changed over the years and it has influences and roots all over the place because of it. This session will be exploring some concepts traditionally found in Alchemy and its 'contributions' to Chemistry, talking a little bit about how feasible it might be. Kinda like a small Chemistry history lesson!

X419: Free Talk: Genshin Impact in Splash Fall 2022 (Nov. 06, 2022)
Hello there, Travelers! In this 45 minute short, informal session we will mainly be sharing and talking about aspects of the game "Genshin Impact" like team comps, artifacts, and really anything, so feel free to bring suggestions you are interested in to talk about. Maybe I'll learn one or two things myself!