Hopkins Splash
Hopkins Splash!


Program Vitals

What: Take short classes on whatever topics you would like!
Who: Students in grades 9-12
When: Spring, 2018. Date will be announced during fall semester.
Where: JHU Homewood Campus
How: Student registration will begin in early 2018. Details with how to register for classes will be provided after a date has been announced.


Splash is free regardless of the number of classes you take!

Liability Waivers

Our Consent, Release, and Liability forms will be made available after a date has been announced. You must do this before coming to campus in order to participate in Splash.

Check In

Check-in will be held near the classrooms on campus, and is required before taking classes. It will be open for the entire duration of Splash. You will receive your schedule for the day and have the option of picking up a t-shirt! Check-in will begin at 8 AM. Be aware that although the first classes start at 9 AM, lines may be long, so we recommend you arrive at least 30 minutes before the start of your first class.


More information will be provided after a date has been announced.

More Info

For more information on directions, parking, FAQ, and parent programs, please visit our More Info page.

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